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The Big 'C'.

I have heard scientists who have a 'Degree in Science', talk about their areas of expertise. Therefore having a Master's degree in Health Science, of which; biology of ageing, stress physiology and stress management, plus health promotion and education, and research, were my specific areas, I feel I can share as a Health Scientist, certain helpful hints to get you through this current mayhem.

Firstly, thanks Peter Murphy for your letter in the local paper 'The Weekly' (19.03.20). Your 40 years of experience in the media and comments were definitely appreciated as I remember being over in Israel near the Beirut border when the war was on in the 80s, and I didn't hear a thing, yet my adorable mother was worried, as the media here in Australia portrayed the area to be 'a nightmare', as the case may be in the press's exposure or lack of, regarding science reporting of the planet's shut down, literally.

Let me share my perspective from a holistic healthcare practitioner; which includes the medical industry perceptive with over 33 years including; registered nurse, university educated natural therapist, and yoga practice and training, etc. In addition, I am currently studying further health concerns, of which have given myself access to JAMA, Lancet , and other western medical healthcare literature, that includes; this ' Corona virus', further named SARS 2 covid 19 ( severe acute respiratory syndrome ).

This knowledge includes such aspects as: the site of location in the body that the virus 'Corona ' attaches to, plus it weighs, how long it lasts on surfaces and the percentage of morbidity in the places around the world that have been well established. The accuracy of testing, of which most are not tested well, therefore making the logistics of the morbidity rates statistically unclear. However, Sth Korea, who test thoroughly, are more accurate in testing this virus, their 0.7 % to 1.2 % range allowing for variables and therefore, more indicative of the morbidity rate. The other really important fact that the media and medical industry has not appeared to address is the 'red flag ' that Dr Anthony Fascio Director of National Institute of Health (NIH) USA speaks of regarding the 75% of the 99% of the deaths in Italy that had high blood pressure and its correlation to the ACE2 receptor site in the lungs that the corona virus attaches to and the possible correlation with certain, not all, high blood medications. Specifically, . Dr Anthony Fascio said this needs to be studied 'fast track'. However, are we hearing this on the so called 'Special ' news updates that really could be called 'Regular', I think not.

So Let me briefly explain certain aspects that are scientifically known about SARS 2 covid 19 and therefore will hopefully assist your peace of mind. By which avoiding the increasing psychological stress associated with the increase in ; control of our liberties, projected perception of things are getting worse, the decrease of outbursts for frustration, as in going to the movies and footy, plus the lack of social support eg. gatherings and hugging and finally lack of predictability of the next proposed ' strategy ', even though the authority has already planned the outcomes.

Firstly, this covid19 virus that is known as SARS 2 . Remember SARS 1 back in early 2000s. SARS 2 covid 19 must enter the lungs to attach to a particular receptor in the lung cells, known as angiotension-converting enzyme 2 (ACE 2) receptors. Meaning that each cell, in this case in the lungs , which has different 'locks ' or receptors on the cell that allow or disallow particles to enter and leave , must be accessed via this particular lock or receptor. Therefore, the covid 19 virus has to enter the lock / receptor named ACE 2 on the lung cell.

Therefore, this virus or any other particle in the air, must not only enter your mouth or nose, it's has to get all the way down to the lung tissue. So keep it out of the lungs. How you may ask ? Well super masks may help, however the mask has to stop a 5 micron size particle, that's how big the covid 19 virus is. So rather than rely on products or safety equipment that may not work. Here are some simple tools that you can do to assist your health and build resilience against any germs entering the body via droplet or inhaled ways of entry.


1. The best tool here for you to do is always breath through your nose , or as much as possible. The nose has mucous membranes to provide sticky like mucous that traps foreign particles, as well as, little hair like structures to prevent non essential particles, such as germs, chemicals like methaprene etc. from entering the lungs, whilst still allowing oxygen in the lungs. It's your best tool as well as healthy hygiene ( thank you Katie Milne 19.03.20). Although the virus doesn't enter your body through the skin, it's not like anthrax. Remember, nose is for breathing , mouth is for eating, with the exception of certain factors like: structural defects in the bone structure of the nasal passages or certain yoga breathing techniques;, etc., otherwise breath through your nose. That's your best tool to take everywhere. Plus wash your hands well before eating and after toilet or touching food ; basic hygiene.

2. In addition to the individual tool, is the environmental tool. There are certain plants in our environment that have antimicrobial properties or actions and some of these are used in cleaning products, healthcare products purchased at pharmacies etc. Eucalyptus is one of these plants, specifically the essential oil , which is is not only antimicrobial, eucalyptus essential oil is antiviral and can be used externally in your cleaning products, in ointments on your chest etc , just use it externally only. Whether you put a few drops in your cleaning water for floors surfaces OR / and put some vicks vapour rub (or similar product ) on your chest for kids ( on their back so they don't accidentally touch on chest and get in eyes) , adults and the elderly etc as a preventative measure.

3. In addition to the environmental care is using the above essential oil, eucalyptus in your house, office etc., in a central room to clean the air, add 5 - 8 drops of pure eucalyptus essential oil to the water in your oil burner or diffuser, as eucalyptus as stated earlier, it is specifically; antibacterial and antiviral and therefore will create a wonderful clean environment to work , live and sleep in. Just not too much, as you will find this essential oil will dry out the air and possibly your eye, just 5- 8 drops to the water in your diffuser or oil burner.

3. Basics with diet would include; eating your winter foods that warm the body. Cold foods plus cold weather allows a cold environment for the body. Therefore, keep body warm and nourished, so with salads etc add your warming spices etc. like chilli, garlic oils or mustard etc. to balance the energetics or temperature of the foods.

4. Keep your feet, chest , kidneys and head warm in cold or winter times, particularly wear shoes on concrete, as we have electricity in our bodies, and like car batteries that if left on the floor and go flat , the body's energy is drained from the cold surface ( a mechanic told me about the car battery situation ). Remember, you too have electricity in your body, so why not keep it to yourself. Build your strength.

Naturally if you are allergic to anything I have suggested then disregard my suggestions. Otherwise breathe, live and enjoy.

In summary, breath healthily, remember you are more than a tiny virus. There is more to life than watching TV, take care and listen to information and be courageous enough to ask where and why about information. Don't be spoon fed, as even the experts get it wrong sometimes. 'Weapons of mass destruction', and cigarettes are safe and ok for prescribing for anxiety, I feel not. Most importantly, Love those you are around and loose the fear. The world is a beautiful place, these times will pass. So much to share.

Namaste and love always

Annmaree Miller

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