Being at a market allows the atmosphere of nature to embrace the true nature of herbs, particularly herbal teas. This is where I offer YOU  to indulge in some truly organic and tasty teas with FREE TASTING



 A range of eight unique Organic herbal tea blends. All blended around 20 years ago in my  previous clinic on the Gold Coast, Organic teas include:




Hormone Harmoniser

Pregnancy Pep Me Up  


Memory Booster

Cold and Flu

Plus: Handmade -Herbal Hydrating creams

                      Herbal Hydrating mist sprays

           Herbal Hydrating Organic Lip Balms

                    Time & Place:

One market a month or order by PHONE to pick up or pay for postage & handling and have your products sent to your  home.



3rd Saturday Finders & Makers, 

Knox Park Murwillumbah 8 am - 2 pm

Herbal Skin Care
Made with experience and love for over 30 years.
Organic Lip Balms,
Hydrating night & day creams
Mist sprays
Call for enquiries or come to the market as advertised
Hydrating cream image not available at the moment 

Clinic in 

Sth Murwillumbah, 2484, NSW.

Call for a consultation today!



Call today for appointments or enquiries

0432 993 523

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