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Will I be on the treatment for long?

Answer: Generally speaking the length of time for treatment will be one month for every year you have suffered a disease. Or if you are acutely ill, then 3  - 5 days of treatment with a recommended week of maintenance.

Is Herbal Medicine safe for Children?

Answer: Absolutely. It's all in the compliance for optimum efficacy.


When can I get back to work?

Answer:Taking time off work when you are ill is vital for optimum repair. So when you use  Herbal Medicine as the treatment you will generally be back within days, rather than being sick for weeks with certain medical treatment.


Why pay for a consult when I can buy Herbal medicine over the counter?

Answer :When you see a professionally trained Herbalist or practitioner trained in Herbal Medicine you are getting the minimum of years if not decades (in my case) of training and experience, rather than a salesperson perspective or minimal knowledge. Simply put you will end up paying more for the cheaper over the counter or 'quickie' consult given by  retail outlets.

Can I take Herbal Medicine when I am on Medical Drugs?

Answer: Yes, however it is important to be professionally monitored by your healthcare workers; GP and Medical Herbalist etc. The important aspect here is that when your health progresses to a better sense of wellness then treatment requirements will change.


Can I take Herbal Medicine before and after the surgery?

Answer: Yes, however, timing is important. Herbal Medicine can assist in tissue repair, something that the medical medicine model has little to offer. However, seeking professional help is essential for a safe and optimum outcome.


Is this 'alternative' form of medicine validated by science?

Answer: Absolutely ! Actually Herbal Medicine (HM) is used by 75 % of the planet. Therefore, HM is really the majority form of medicine and the amount of research is vast and validated by reputable journal contributions. Those who don't understand this don't know how to read the papers, because yes there are also poor methodological  research papers. However, the educated in the field of HM will be able to discriminate the valuable articles.

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