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The Herbal Planet by Annmaree Miller

(Editorial for The Local Newsletter.)

Herbal Medicine professionally prescribed with clinical results

.By Annmaree Miller MHSc,GDHSc (HM), BN, DHM, DRM, DI, CCYT(+)

I remember listening to my grade 5 teacher telling us that an onion was a herb and how excited I felt. Little did I realise at the time that the next 40 years of my life would embrace a passion for learning; how, why, and when to utilise herbs, as both a food and source of medicine. The industry of herbal medicine in both education and manufacturing has come such a long way. Does anyone remember when herbal medicine products were only an option to buy at practitioner dispensaries or health food shops? Actually its not that long ago.

The popularity for herbal medicine (phytotherapy), has increased so much, particularly with online diagnostic assessment and purchasing and marketing. However herbal medicine is not like medical medicine. The art and science of using herbs for treatments is not in the ‘plant for area of concern’ base treatment idea. When herbal medicine application is used as in the previously mentioned idea, the model for application is no different to the medical model for treatment that symptomatically prescribes treatment and I am also a clinical nurse, and therefore know the medical model well. In addition, I have observed the increase of many ‘over the counter’ pre-formulated herbal medicine treatments over the decades. Overall, the art and science of herbal medicine is in the application to address the individual’s whole needs, and with all due respect to the many people who treat themselves for problems, if you don’t have the training, then you might save the cost of the consultation initially, however you will more than likely pay the cost at a higher price in the long run. Seeking a Healthcare Professional or team is definitely a serious venture because ideally you want to have them for life, after all, health is a life journey. Finding a primary healthcare practitioner to avoid the ‘shopping around scenario’ saves you energy for healing, this is why in the medical system the General Practitioners are so valuable. However the medical way is not the only way and therefore to be able to incorporated a medical and holistic understanding is something I cherish with herbal medicine treatments providing optimum outcomes for many medical conditions. For those confused about the difference between Medical Herbalist and Naturopaths these days they are relatively the same, although in my past naturopathic training other compulsory modalities were included besides nutrition and herbal medicine. I have recently moved to a new premises which I invite all past and future patients to visit and reconnect the holistic health journey for their health needs.

Namaste and Love Always Annmaree Miller.

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