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Mind Awareness

Recently I was asked about thought activity on social media by someone I have not met. The concept of the question was both wonderful and humbling. Wonderful because I love to share my knowledge especially when I have study 'my Mind' for 42 almost 43 years. My yoga background which I have spoken about in many writings or posts has given me the opportunity to use a system of techniques, practises and philosophy to study just how mind works. In addition, the other areas of health and diseases (see my academic achievements) gives me an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the brain, of which is partly associated with mind; a 'heads up' if you like understanding from the Western Science of Mind Awareness. The humbling factor is that although there are those who don't credit my health education or advice as am not a doctor of medicine and I respect that choice, there are those who are willing to ask for my advice knowing I have experience, of which is vast and extensive in the Health/Disease industry and of which is from both an experiential and academic perspective.

so this blog is dedicated to Murodjon, thank you :)

Mind Awareness is really simply as it says, to be aware of Mind. one might ask, what is mind? My definition which I evolved into writing over a decade ago and will be in my first book goes like this.

Simply put:

Mind is the arena where thoughts and stillness of thoughts reside. So therefore Mind is like the vessel that carries or contains the thought process and the nothingness of thoughts, space etc.

So to practice mind awareness, and achieve mind health . YOU DON'T need to necessarily know the full context of mind and analyse, you simply need to prioritise what thoughts are valuable and discard from analytic assessment the poor or disruptive thoughts. Easier said than done you might say.

Mind awareness begins with watching your thoughts, like looking at the horizon and letting go of that which you don't need. Experiencing the space between each thought.... the nothing ....and letting go of thoughts that are disruptive. Practise is the key :)

The best tool is your BREATHE, its free, goes with you wherever you go and it will change when your thought changes. Therefore it's easy to monitor when you are thinking unproductive or unkind thoughts to yourself. Meaning think calm thoughts and your breathing will calm down. Think distressing thoughts and your breathing will become rapid. All of which affects your physiology, psychology and emotionalogy ( I have just made up another word ). Your WHOLE being :)

Exercise to practise:

Find a comfortable spot; sit, stand or lie down.

Position your body and let it settle for a moment or so

Now.... watch your breathe, best to close your eyes and focus on breathing in ...............and out.

When thoughts arise..... just let them pass........... non attachment.

Come back to breathe or continue with breathe,

Let your breathing just .... flow.

Practise for awhile.... even 1 - 5 minutes will give you some peace and better awareness.

Practise daily ........ for life :)

Hope this helps you or someone understand that your thoughts are not who you are . You are a vastness of wonder,..... endless, .......limitless and Divine .

bye for now,

like my website, join me on facebbook/ Link in, if you so wish and thank you for reading my blog.

Namaste and love always

Annmaree Miller

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