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Holistic Healthcare

To be Whole is to Heal. Seeing is believing.

In all consultations the  goal is to treat YOU the person, not just your current problems, because YOU are more than your health concerns. Therefore the  aim of the consultation is to ultimately assist your physical strength, emotional stability and mental clarity by identifying and treating your whole health needs.

The advantage of a medical background in nursing as well as natural medicine means initial consultations include iris diagnosis, traditional medicine philosophy, lifestyle, and dietary  recommendations, as well as the standard medical observational assessments.

Most Health Funds are rebatable 

In a world where information is freely available and health advice is readily given by so many, how important is the information for your health. When your car is not running well you take it to a mechanic. Therefore when you are unwell, the price of a consultation compared to sales advice could be cheaper than you think. Even self diagnosis can be more costly, therefore health consultations are a long term investment for your health.
Iridology​ is the science of iris diagnosis or assessment. Iridology identifies your constitution or your general make up of who you are, via the fibres of the iris that are directly connected to the brain, and all which we know is directly or indirectly connected to the rest of your body. The science of Iridology goes back through various cultures. However, it was Dr Ignatz von Peczely who is known as the originator of Iridology.
The window to your Health 

Annmaree Miller


Member of : ATMS.  AHPRA, YA. 

Annmaree has been practising as a Holistic Health Practitioner for more than 30 years. She incorporates Holistic Health through the blend of her medical training from nursing, the philosophy and movement  of yoga practises and the natural therapies of herbal medicine, remedial massage and naturopathic lifestyle management to provide optimum life care for her patients and clients.

                South Murwillumbah Practice

Specialising in


 Stress physiology and  Stress


Body, Mind and Emotional Healthcare

33 plus years experience
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